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We are four students at Oregon State University that successfully raised almost $10000 so that we could attend the best free/open source software conference in the world.

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Click here to see the rest... The opportunity to go to Australia to learn and promote open source doesn't come up all that often for the average college student. With Alex and Brandon graduating this spring, sealing off their legacy, and Justin and Mike just starting to swim in the deep end of the open source pool, will provide an excellent experience for all of us. Can you help us make it happen?
You might remember us from that crop circle we helped build, or the crazy LUG we helped develop. Or perhaps it was the late night AbiWord OLPC hack.
Brandon started using Linux when he discovered building mobile robots on commercial desktop operating systems was dangerous. Since then he has been active in the community and worked for the Open Source Lab at OSU, NASA, and IBM's Linux Technology Center.
philips hopes to attend...
how everybody gets file IO wrong, clustering tdb, Garbage Collection in LogFS
philips hopes to meet...
File systems developers and Kernel hackers
Mike Burns
Mr. Burns' charisma (and patches) helped to develop a home for OLPC development at OSU. Currently, he is working to port tinymail to OLPC's Sugar interface to create a suitable mail client for the project. His greatest hope is to see toilets flush in reverse.
mburns hopes to attend...
How the OLPC Machine Was Designed, Routing and IPSEC Lookup Scaling in the Linux Kernel
mburns hopes to meet...
Jim Gettys and other OLPC contributors
Justin Gallardo
Justin made headlines, on, for finishing a port of AbiWord to the OLPC Sugar interface. While working on this project he made a startling discovery: spending a weekend hacking is superior to spending that weekend on homework. Recently he took a developer position at the OSU Open Source Lab where he will continue his rain of patches.
jirwin hopes to attend...
Making NFS Suck Faster, GNU/Linux on handheld gaming devices, How the OLPC Machine Was Designed
jirwin hopes to meet...
Val Henson, Jim Gettys and other free software heros
Polvi drank the free software kool-aid a little over 3 years ago, when he joined the Open Source Lab at OSU. Ever since, he has been hooked. He spent a year with Mozilla where he tried to take back the web. After Mozilla, he took a job with Google as a wannabe Kernel Hacker. Now he works at the Open Source Education Lab, a resource for students involved with free software.
polvi hopes to attend...
Linux kernel hacker generations, Let's Build the Real Time Internet, Promoting open source projects, among others
polvi hopes to meet...
People interested in free software beyond the code
As for material things....
Yup, we're going to bring a Tux on a RC hummer, a free software sweater (girl not included), and some OLPC hardware.

All hardware aside, we will bring the same tact that has had us patch all night, build a Firefox crop circle, and create successful free software organizations.

We need the most help with airfare. Each ticket is roughly equivalent to a term of tuition. On top of airfare, we budgeted enough for each of us to stay in a dorm room. However, we would also be willing to take donations of couches or other subsidized housing. Finally, we added a tiny bit in for unrealized costs during the trip.
All prices in USD. We estimated the airfare using student travel websites. Lodging is sort of up in the air too, as we cannot get the exact number until we book it.
You're still reading!? Great! We really could use the support.

To encourage friendly competition there are tiered sponsorship levels. The donation will go to whom you choose or distributed evenly if you do not have preference.

Copper(tone) - $20
We call this the coppertone level because it will be enough to cover our sunscreen. It will be summer in AU, after all.
Aluminum Foil - $50
Lots of stuff wouldn't be fresh without aluminum foil. At this support level you are sponsoring 1.5 nights of roof and bedding for one of us.
Studded Silver - $100
A great way to make Benjamin smile. At this level, 1.3 of us gets entry to the conference.
Gold and Carats - $500
That's what we're talking about! Coming in right at our monthly living expenses, this level get all of us shelter for most of the conference.
Iced Out Platinum - $1000
Woohoo!! This covers almost half all the costs for one of us. A thousand puts us 1/10th closer to the goal. A HUGE step that will not go unnoticed.
Iron - $2500
You may be thinking, "wait, iron isn't a precious metal." However, what you are forgetting is that there is a lot of iron in blood. Our blood! You just allowed one of us to go, everything covered.
This one doesn't get a name. If you send all of us in one fell swoop, well, we will be speechless. We will happily create a parade in your honor, marry your daughter, and do anything you like for that matter. Pretty good deal for the cost of a new server, eh?

If you are serious about helping we appreciate it .. but we are covered!! Be sure to email us if you are sending something via snail-mail.

Or you can use paypal by clicking the fancy button below.

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Questions? Comments? Trolls? Feel free to shoot it our way! You can also find us on in #pleasesendustolinuxconfau . Thanks!!